Crystal Cantrips

Leaving Ulvenwald

Storm the Lighthouse

September 16th, morning

-wake up and debate where to go
-Decide to go to the lighthouse
-Get to the base of lighthouse and start getting attacked by what-her-evil-face
-everyone bolts to the lighthouse while Fenrir (in maybe wolf form?) stays behind as a rear guard to make sure everyone makes it back safely.
-Leena gets shot down! Nooooo
-Jane gets a few shots in before they get to the lighthouse
-They search the lighthouse and find…? nothing really?
-Jane turns Fenrir invisible and send him to hunt down whats-her-evil-face while she pops a head out and blasts into the trees.
-Fen catches up to her and starts trying to find her in the trees but she keeps slipping away.
-They eventually all meet up in the woods and make their way towards the town.

Underneath the Town

September 16th, noon

-They find a door or window or something and go into the town.
-There is a huge pile of bodies in the middle, otherwise nothing noticeable.
-Keladry and Khemed guard the bottom of a watch tower while the rest climb up to get a better lay of the land.
-They start to hear sounds coming from the center of town
-They send ropes over the edge to climb down and call the others up
-Jane goes down last because she reaalllyyy wants to know whats gonna come out of the pit
-They escape around the size of the wall, out of sight from whoever was attacking them
-They manage to find a boat to escape in while exchanging blasts with whats-her-evil-face

Row row row your boat, away from Ulvenwald

September 16th, afternoon

-They make it back to their ship and decide to head to Grand Victoria


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