Crystal Cantrips

Never. Fight. A. Blue. Dragon. Over. Water.

Our heroes were at their wits end. The world was ending. Khemed warned Sennefer, Fenrir wrote to MacGuiler, the party tried to warn as many people as they could about the swarm of bugs that was coming for them all. Recent events were starting to catch up with the party, the stress, exhaustion, and constant danger plagued them all. Keladry, always wrestling with self-doubt over her abilities to serve Odin, was plagued with anxiety. Khemed worried for his country. Fenrir and Jane fought; all of the tense moments between them had reached a boiling point. The kiss of death, her reckless actions, and Jane’s decision to kill the dying man in Nivaos. The couple were just in the middle of their argument when John called everybody above deck.

Off into the distance was a figure. Fenrir was the first to recognize what it was, or rather, who it was. A blue dragon larger than any the party had ever seen, even larger than the shadow dragon had been, flew towards the party. On the head of the dragon was the Man in Bug’s symbol. He was now the dragon.

There was nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. The party was stuck in the middle of the ocean with a dragon that breathes electricity hunting them down. Knowing this our heroes prepared themselves to fight for their lives.

And fight they did. The dragon soared over them, tearing the ship apart chunk by chunk. One direct hit from the dragon could bring any of them down to their knees, but somehow they managed to keep fighting. The Man in Bugs roared as the fight went on, demanding to know what the heroes had done with his angel. Knowing flight was his biggest advantage, the Man in Bugs avoided landing on the ship as much as he could, but on one of his attempts to fly away was thwarted by Keladry. She knew that the dragon needed to be brought down. With a final cry to Odin, Keladry leapt off of the ship and onto the dragon, plunging her hammer straight down onto the dragon’s head. This devastating blow came at a high cost. Too high. The dragon roared and ended Keladry’s life. She fell into the ocean with a smile on her face, knowing she had served Odin and ensured her friends’ victory. Which survivor’s counterattack dealt the killing blow, this author does not know, as every one of them responded with such force all at once it was unclear which one hit first. Fenrir, terrified that he had once again watched one of his family die, dove into the ocean as an octopus to save Keladry.

He failed.

Jane, Shira, and Khemed helped Fenrir carry Keladry’s body back onto the ship. Before they even had time to grieve, Keladry’s body disappeared. That was not the only mystery to be solved though, as the survivors found themselves on a mysterious island. Telling John to watch the ship, they moved on to explore the island as best they could. It was there that they found a grove, and in that grove, Keladry. She was wearing a white gown smiling from ear to ear. She told everyone that Odin had spoken to her, and that she was one of his Valkyries. She was not yet done with this world as their quest would impact not just their plane, but could impact the universe.

Overjoyed, the party explored the island with a sense of wonder. Not even Kel knew where exactly they were. Eventually they happened upon a demon. The demon told the party that he escaped from hell long ago and has been meditating on the island for as long as he could remember. The party learns that the ziggurats were built back during his early years, and that countries all over the world built them, being guided by an unknown force. The demon confirms the party’s belief, the best place for them to find answers is in the artic. Not only that, they need to go to the very top of the world. To the very top of the world. In order for them to do so, the demon teaches Lorica (Fenrir’s plant armor) how to turn into and control herself as a boat. And so the party went north to find answers.


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