Crystal Cantrips

Our Heroes’ New Year’s Resolution Is To Save The World

The party arrives at the artic port on New Year’s Eve. Port may actually be a misnomer as there is nothing there except for a dingy pier and a torn up ship. The party deduces that the ship is the one that the Man in Bug’s other lieutenant took. Exploring the ship yields nothing but a fight with some dire polar bears. Knowing that the party has a long journey ahead of them, they plan. From flying bats to marching, the party threw as many ideas as they could about the fastest method to get to the north. After all, the world may not have three weeks to wait for them to get to the north pole and back. Eventually, they elect to have Lorica fashion a sled for them to use, and have Jane raise the polar bears to pull the sled.
Hoping that this new year’s day won’t be their last, the party sets out after as soon as they are all prepared. Constantly facing hazards and dealing with blizzards and sudden earthquakes threatening to swallow them whole, the party pushes onward. Khemed darkly points out that the land they are traveling has been forsaken by the gods, and he may not have been wrong. The sun does not shine down upon the artic and it is impossible to tell night from day any longer. Fenrir is sent out briefly to search the group of travelers that have fallen in the snow. The Man in Bugs’ lieutenant is among them, having gone down fighting what Fenrir could only assume to be a yeti. In her bag Fenrir finds a mirror. Certain of the mirror’s importance, Fenrir takes it with him and rushes back to the party. The yeti’s howls are getting louder.
It takes only one attack for the yeti’s to realize their prey is not to be trifled with. The party deftly counters all of the yeti’s and if there were any left, they learned their lesson.
After at least two weeks, the party finds what they are looking for. The mysterious structure holds many secrets. It is only with the help of Ra that the party is able to find the key that makes it all make sense, the frame for the mirror.
At least, it would normally make everything clear, but our heroes had just spent two weeks crammed together in a sled listening to Shira sing about their adventure and Khemed making a howling noise. They were tired. It’s only fair that they spent a long period of time trying to pick the door to heaven, and almost considered trying to open the door to hell. These things happen when trying to save the world.
The epiphany struck when they noticed that the mirror also revealed several doors, which they then discovered acted as portals into the different ziggurats across the world. With this knowledge, the party decided to use the mirror to go to the ziggurats they hadn’t been to yet. But first, they needed to have ask Anaphiel a few questions.


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