Crystal Cantrips

The Dungeon That Won't Allow Dragons In

Our adventurers took the portal to Ulvenwald and traveled the rest of the way to Papa Hee-No and Anaphiel on foot. At the border of the village was Papa Hee-No and Anaphiel who were awaiting the party. Papa told the party that they needed to take the angel now as, “This place is not safe no more. No place is safe no more.” So, the party took Anaphiel to the Holy Ziggurat. Next, the party traveled to the volcanic Ziggurat to find MacGuiller and ask him some questions/update him on recent events. While there the party warned Port Alexandria of the incoming bug-pocalypse. Which was not a moment too soon because while they did so they saw Swarm, Lucian, Therin, and Priest headed straight for the Port (with Lucian, Therin, and Priest riding the wave of insects that is Swarm). The party fled from Swarm, taking along MacGuiller (MacGuiller grabbing as many of the crystal bugs as he could), running to the Ziggurat to escape.

Barely making it in time, the party made it back to the north pole in one piece. After leaving MacGuiller to guard the angel, Khemed received a message from Sennefer requesting that they come to the capital of Old R’Kassi immediately. Shira, now being able to use teleportation circles, would be able to teleport the party into the saferoom where Sennefer and his people are hiding out. Senefer provides Khemed with the key to the saferoom portal. Now all the party needs is the ruby dust to cast the spell.

Using the teleporter to travel to the desert Ziggurat, the party began their journey across the desert to the nearest town where they hope they can obtain the required ruby dust. The party is constantly harassed by Swarm, who threw every conceivable monster he could at the party. Tired, worn, exhausted, the party is saved by an Ancient Bronze Dragon. Upon speaking to this dragon, Khemed deduces the dragon’s identity is that of Maruxandusk who was integral in the formation of the kingdom of Old R’Kassi. When Maruxandusk is told that the party is going to meet with the current Pharoah of Old R’Kassi, he asks, “If the pharaoh is a (long string of insults, including prideful, coward, insane).” Khemed vehemently vouches for Sennefer, manages to convince IPD to aid the party and judge Sennefer with his own eyes to verify the veracity of these very bold claims. IPD flies the party to town, and there Shira successfully casts the teleportation circle.

The party finds themselves in a dark stone room. Behind a large metal door they hear sudden movement and eventually hear someone calling out who they are through a slot. After Khemed identifies himself, the metal door is revealed to open up by crank. Once the party is in they meet with Sennefer who updates the party on the kindom’s attempts to defend themselves as well as discover a solution on how to best undo Swarm’s magic. Across the safehouse are numerous priests and researchers experimenting with (dead) Swarm bugs. Numerous theories are tossed around on how to stop them but one theory stands out. If they had access to the Ankh of Phobos then they might be able to use that to weaken Swarm. Unfortunately, the location of the MacGuffin has been lost to time.

Luckily, however, the party has an Ancient Dragon who’s been around for ages. Maruxandusk says with certainty that the object they are looking for is at the Tomb of Xav. Sennefer and his people are uncertain of Maruxandusk’s (who has transformed himself into a human) info, but after the insistence of the party, agree to let the party go to the tomb in search of the object.

However, it was late, and the party needed to rest. Khemed caught up with his Brother Djau and the rest of his friends from the church. Jane pointedly asks Sennefer if she can use the bodies of his forefathers as zombies (for a reason Jane cannot fathom, he said no). Fenrir used the libraries to research the source of Lucians magic and discovered that Lucian was a binder of spirits, forging contracts with powerful entities in order to obtain their power. Shira and Keladry got a good night’s sleep.

Upon morning, the party got ready to leave. Until realizing that Jane wasn’t there. Just as they were about to look for her, she arrived, complaining that there were guards at the door to the catacombs. Successfully stealthing their way out into the desert, Maruxandusk returned to his dragon form and took the party to the Tomb.

Maruxandusk could not join the party into the tomb but promised to wait for them outside. There was an ancient magic that would cause the entire tomb to collapse should Maruxandusk enter the tomb himself. So, the party went up to the tomb. While the party bantered as they do, it was mentioned that someone should knock on the door. Fenrir obliged. The door was actually a mimic which grappled Fenrir. After some struggle, the party managed to defeat the mimic and move into the actual Tomb, checking for traps along the way (note: there is a metal gate that looks as though it could fall, blocking off the path through the door as well as pressure plates in the entrance hallway).

The party came upon a large square open room with a door on each side. Upon trying to open one of the doors, all of them shut and they could hear a poisonous gas being leaked out from the ceiling. With some quick thinking, Shira, created a Wall of Force which prevented the gas from spreading down to the rest of the room. This gave the party the time they needed to try opening all of the doors at once which caused them all to open easily. Deciding to go through the northern door, the party continued on.

Eventually the party found a room with two statues in it. Upon investigation, however, the statues revealed themselves to be two large talking serpents who demanded that the party leave immediately. This proved impossible to do, however, as the door had shut behind the party. Faced with no other option, the party battled the serpents. Managing to outnumber the serpents with the use of Keladry’s new summoning magic, the party was able to do what they did best: kill it with fire. After the battle, the party determined that the serpents were Naga that would eventually return to this world. Also, the two were brothers who kept a score of which one of them died first.

Now, the party moves further into the Tomb…


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