Crystal Cantrips

What Happens When You Don’t Bring Bug Spray on Adventures

With Papa HeeNo’s boons in hand, the party goes up the other fork in the river, to where the Man in Rags has gone. While going up the river the party sees the Man in Rags’ ship, which is plagued by the crystal bugs. Naturally, the party found it prudent to try and get rid of the bugs, but after fighting off the few swarms that had noticed the party, realized it would be much safer to just leave the bugs. The party follows the narrow path, and after three days find themselves face to face with another ziggurat. Dumbfounded that there is an almost identical looking ziggurat on nearly the other side of the world, the party enters. Unlike the one in Old R’Kassi, this ziggurat had no one inside. Or at least that’s what the party believed until they heard the whispers.

The party followed the whispers to the same location as before, taking care not to be noticed by the Man in Rags. As they peered inside they saw an endless swarm of bugs, crawling all over the room. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, they covered nearly the entire room. In the center of the room they saw the Man in Rags whispering to himself once again.

While the party discussed what the best method of approach was, Fenrir, for reasons unknown, walked right inside the room and called out to their foe. The Man in Rags did not respond to Fenrir’s good natured questions and only spoke to himself before sprouting wings just like the ones the bugs had and flew up and out of the ziggurat’s opening, leaving the party to fend off the massive swarm of bugs.

Quickly realizing they were outmatched, the party made steps to flee, using magic to create a barrier blocking the doorway so the bugs couldn’t follow. Once they were outside, the party took a moment to catch their breath before seeing the bugs swarm out from the top of the ziggurat and the entrance.

Needless to say, the party didn’t stop running this time until they made it back to their ship.


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