Fenrir Liadran


Fenrir is a water genasi who says he has been traveling the world for the majority of his life. Fenrir has shown himself to primarily be a magic user and often uses spells like ice knife, entangle, (often in conjunction with one another) and detect magic. He has said that he has a variety of other spells he can cast. He also keeps a scimitar on his person at all times, and more often than not is wearing his leather armor. There is a white ring on his left hand with a raven engraved onto it. Shira knows the ring was given to Fenrir by his adopted father, and that it has great significance to Fenrir.

Fenrir has begun turning himself into a variety of animals, from a cat to a dinosaur, but has not elaborated how this magic works. This transformation magic seems to be his new preferred method of handling issues, rather than using his other spells. He has also begun turning into animals that can swim, and often does so when not directing the crew.


Fenrir is generally friendly and cares a lot about his friends, and is trying to do his best to understand them better. Some examples being his assisting Jane in a number of things like teaching her how to swim, asking Khemed about how he became a hierophant, training with Keladry, and providing blankets as a means to comfort the group. Despite his warm persona, Fenrir has a very bleak outlook on the world, expressing distrust of most people and organizations. This distrust could often be seen as paranoid, as Fenrir has developed an elaborate method of code between Macguiller, Sennefer, and Idania. He has been willing to cooperate with the law, such as when they were being arrested. It can be interpreted from his comments that he believes good is done more by individuals working within a group than the organization itself, which is why he is willing to cooperate one minute and sneak into shipping offices the next. He also has expressed to Jane very idylic views of the potential good in people, which seems to simultaneously contradict his distrusting nature.

Over the majority of the adventure so far, Fenrir has consistently made an attempt to stop villains from getting away. This behavior has nearly caused him to be completely overwhelmed by enemies, such as when he leapt onto Therin’s ship when she was making her getaway from Port Alexandria (even when it was clear Therin was more than a match for the entire party). Being very upset whenever he failed to stop the villains from escaping. Interestingly, this behavior did not occur while the group was in the Ziggurat. One possibility for this is that Fenrir was more focused on protecting his friends, making them the priority, and has learned not to be so aggressive in his pursuits. Or, Fenrir was afraid to face Lucian, who the group learned after the battle is not the current leader of the mercenary group Fenrir was a part of, the White Ravens.

The White Ravens are a sore topic for Fenrir, and, as seen in the encounter with Dagoth, he experiences a lot of anxiety when having to deal with his past. Reassurance from the party has helped him calm down when he experiences this anxiety, and he has become more open to discussing the topic with the group. While it may have been difficult to tell, on account of being a bear, Fenrir was freaking out at having seen Lucian during the encounter with the ensemble of villains.

Now the captain of his own ship, or at least he considers himself to be the captain, Fenrir is very happy to have a ship of his own, despite the unfortunate manner it was aquired. He has even rechristened the ship: The Raven’s Howl. The thoroughness of all of the paperwork and his handling of the crew indicates that Fenrir has plans for the ship.

It has recently come to light that Fenrir was accused of murdering one of the members of the White Ravens, and that is the reason for his estrangement from the group. Fenrir vehemently claims innocence, and expresses anger that Leena ever believed it to be true. Additionally, there are some hints of unresolved issues between Fenrir and Leena.

Fenrir gets along very well with Jane, even teaching her how to swim during the groups brief down time, and they seem to enjoy shooting the breeze together over a variety of topics. Fenrir also seems to be the one Jane turns to for support when she has her nightmares.

Training regularly together, Fenrir and Keladry seem to have become very in sync with another in combat. The two have even practiced Keladry using Fenrir as a mount while Wild Shaped. With Keladry using Fenrir as a mount, the two are likely to be a powerful team. While the two don’t share many words, Fenrir knows he can rely on Keladry to protect the rest of the team.

Fenrir is often seen laughing and joking with Shira, who seems to cheer Fenrir up even when he seems determined to brood. This is a quality that Fenrir admires greatly in Shira, and he often wonders how she is able to be so positive so easily.
br>While the two got along very well initially, a minor rift seems to have occurred in Khemed and Fenrir when Fenrir pulled Khemed into the mud. Fenrir, being extremely pragmatic and more than used to roughing it, finds it completely ridiculous that Khemed would rather have faced the continued wrath of the CWHG and co. than hide in some mud and live. Time will tell how much of an impact this dispute will have on their friendship.

Fenrir Liadran

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