Idania Sadarene


This bubbly young woman is the fiance of Sennefer Neferkare, aspiring mage, and soon to be queen. She’s one of the younger daughters of a noble family in Port Alexandria, and went to the same school as Sennefer. She works at MacGuiller’s shop over the summers, helping him with his research.

Idania has been seen practicing illusions while aboard the ship, and has given Jane and Fenrir a display of her more prominent illusions. While impressive, Idania admits she is unable to make them move or cast them without draining her energy. Despite this, she seems eager to continue to improve her powers, and hopes she will be able to use them much more effectively in the future.


Idania appears to have a good heart as she was willing to vouch for the party during their trial. She does not seem to like talking about more serious topics if they do not catch her attention, preferring to focus on the things that pique her interest or make her happy.

Idania Sadarene

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