Indra Therin


The party has determined that Indra Therin much be more than just a crooked businesswoman. During her escape she was seen tearing the throats out of two of the Sheriff’s men in one fluid motion. Then she was able to run incredibly fast, then jump onto the ship in one giant leap. When Fenrir was made his way onto the ship, she sprinted to the back of the ship, sending Fenrir flying off with one punch. Therin does not, apparently, tolerate stowaways (especially not dinosaurs).


This mysterious woman hired the adventurers to clear out some cantrip-casting scarabs, but she seems like she’s up to something. Many people on the island know she’s been up to some shady business, but nothing the authorities could pin her for.

Therin has revealed herself to be dirty, and after being approached by the sheriff for fraud, has shown herself to be incredibly dangerous. She seems to care little for her workers, likely having killed the worker Khemed spared during the attack, and her workers were willing to burn themselves upon her instruction. Therin seems to answer to the CWHG (creppy whispering homeless guy), but it is unclear what exactly their relationship is. Therin and her other compatriots are almost certainly the people who killed our ship’s captain and crew.

Indra Therin

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