Jane Doe


Jane is an incredibly beautiful and alluring young woman, with blonde hair and a serious expression. She has shared with the party that she has no memory of anything before a few months ago, some sort of amnesia is assumed. Jane is a spellcaster that prefers fire and her Eldritch’s Blast. Jane carries around a simple staff as her focus, along with a light crossbow and dagger. She also spends a lot of time drawing in her journal, which she keeps very private.


The party met Jane on the Fallen Angel, but didn’t board with the rest of the party. She was sleeping with the captain and made no attempt to be secretive about it, other than to tend to keep to herself. Aside from doodling strange pictures in her journal, she seems to be curious. She asks a lot of either rude or odd questions, such as asking Fenrir why he is blue. She shows apparent wonder at things like clouds and birds. She also revealed to the party that she has very little memory, not knowing anything that occurred more than a few months ago.

Upon arrival at Port Alexandria, she made it clear that her resourcefulness does not stop at using sex for food and a place to stay. This give and take arrangement seems to be very familiar to her. She is aware that she is desirable and uses that to her advantage to get what she wants. Jane has seemed willing to help people, being the one to immediately agree to help protect MacGuiller. But is she doing this as a returned favor for his help? Or for experience and adventure? Or is she honestly caring?While dealing with Fenrir, she has showed that she is not only naturally suspicious and curious, but a bit of a risk taker with no fondness for being submissive (she refuses to give Therin the bugs). She also seems to have no hangup with corpses or killing.

The party discovered her in a room at the inn one afternoon looking very pale and disheveled. The also had the disturbing experience of witnessing her having a nightmare while they were in jail for the night. Her screams shook the party to its core.

From conversing with Fenrir, Jane has realized that she doesn’t speak Primordial, Elvish, or Druidic. —

Jane Doe

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