Lucian Glass


Lucian Glass is a Fire Genasi who Fenrir says is very powerful. Fenrir can’t say for sure what kind of spellcaster Lucian is, only that whenever Lucian knew what to plan for, he had the perfect spell available for a job. When that wasn’t the case, Lucian would naturally prefer powerful fire spells, or just engaging in fierce melee.

Occasionally, strange things would happen whenever Lucian casted, such as growing horns or causing his voice to change. Lucian told Fenrir and the other White Ravens that the reason for this was due to wild magic.

Some new things Leena has reported Lucian being able to do: fly, breathe fire, raise and command the undead. No wonder everyone believed Lucian when he accused Fenrir of murder.

Lucian has proven himself to be incredibly versatile in battle, despite fighting him with everything they had, Lucian was able to easily escape from the party.


Fenrir has informed you all that Lucian Glass is the current leader of the White Ravens, and that he took over the same time that Fenrir left the group. Fenrir describes Lucian as having taken his position through unsavory means, but you don’t know the exact details of how quite yet.

When Fenrir is able to speak relatively calmly about Lucian, he tells you that they never got along even while Fenrir was with the White Ravens, and that Lucian is incredibly manipulative. You all can infer that there is a strong mutual hatred between the two, as Fenrir hates Lucian for turning the White Ravens into what he considers to be an organization that cares for nothing but the price of the highest bidder.

Lucian had apparently saved the orc Dagoth’s life, and that Dagoth had been eternally loyal to Lucian, before being taken down by the group.

Lucian Glass

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