Cantrip Crystal


Each crystal has the power to cast a single cantrip as a bonus action, after which it disintegrates into dust. These crystals come in several varieties:

Emerald acid splash
Sapphire ray of frost
Ruby fire bolt
Light Topaz dancing lights
Aquamarine gust
Grey Opal thaumaturgy
Diamond cure minor wounds

If the crystal is touching a creature’s skin, then that creature can activate it as a bonus action to cast the cantrip it contains, as long as they are not unconscious. There is one exception. The diamond crystals, rather than mimicking a spell effect, heal the user 1 hit point. Unlike the other crystals, they can also be activated while the user is unconscious, which will automatically bring the user back to consciousness.

Spell attacks made with the crystals are made at a +5 bonus, and the save DC is 13. Cantrips that require ranged spell attacks cannot be used while restrained, and suffer the normal disadvantage from casting within melee range.


Cantrip Crystal

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