Raven's Howl

Our brand new boat!


This pinnace is a small, two-masted sailing vessel. It’s sturdy enough to undertake long open-water voyages and handy enough to use close to shore. A pinnace is fully decked, but its sterncastle is hardly worthy of the name; it’s little more than a cramped cabin.

Combat Speed: wind × 35 ft., or oars 5 ft. (good)
Travel Speed: wind × 3.5 mph, or oars 0.5 mph

The ship’s speed is dependent on wind speed, where “wind” in the above formulae is a multiplier. Light wind has a multiplier of ×1, moderate ×2, and strong ×3, though wind direction might cause these values to change.

Hull sections: 4 (sink 1 section)
Section AC: 15
Section HP: 50
Damage threshold: 10
Damage Immunities: poison and psychic

Rigging Sections: 2
Rigging AC: 11
Rigging HP: 60
Damage Immunities: poison and psychic
Damage Vulnerabilities: fire

Ramming damage: 3d6 per 10-ft of movement speed
Weapons: One ballista, +6 to hit, range 120ft./480ft., 3d10 piercing damage.
It takes 1 action to load, 1 to aim, and 1 to fire. AC 15, HP 50

Length: 35-ft
Width: 10-ft
Height: 10-ft
Draft: 5-ft

Complement: 15
Watch: 4
Rowers 8

The complement is the total number of Small or Medium humanoids that can normally be carried on board as crew and passengers. The watch requirement is the minimum number of people necessary to control the ship without penalty. The rowers number indicates the number of rowers required in addition to the normal watch. A ship doesn’t need rowers to sail, but does need rowers to use its oared movement rate.

Cargo 30 tons (Speed reduced by 15-ft / 1.5 mph if 15 tons or more)


Raven's Howl

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