Crystal Cantrips

An Angel’s Saviors

Despite the party doing its best to save the angel, they are fighting a losing battle. Fenrir was already on his last wildshape, Jane was in critical condition with Khemed very close to becoming the same, and despite hitting them with everything the party had they were barely slowing down Priest and his men. Or rather, every time they knocked Priest’s men down they only had a brief respite until their defeated foes rose from the ashes of their remains.

Things were starting to look grim when the blink of an eye Shira was at the church. Shira, blinking rapidly for a moment, realizes she has appeared and jumps into the fray. She sends Jeremiah off to revitalize Jane and begins throwing daggers and dissonant whispers left and right. The rest of the party, boosted at the sudden return of their friend, continue the battle with newfound energy.

However, our heroes were not the only ones with sudden reinforcement. A thick, black carriage appears led by four horses and five more of Priest’s men. They pull the carriage around to the side of the church and throw open the back doors. It is readily apparent that they intend to throw the angel into the carriage. Priest, having been thoroughly damaged by the party, seizes the opportunity to run out of the church and hop on the carriage, ordering his men to help assist. Before following his orders, one of his men on the carriage throws Priest a potion, which Priest promptly chugs.

At this point, the party was once again in a difficult position. Jane, Shira, and Khemed were already outside of the church fighting the men. Keladry had just run out of the church behind Priest and was holding off several of Priest’s men from getting to the rest of the party. Fenrir was stuck, the exit out of the church was too small for him to fit through as a wolf and even if he squeezed through there were too many people right in front of the exit. He could turn back to normal and rejoin the fight using only his spells or run out of the front entrance as a wolf, possibly wasting precious time.

While this was all going through his head the angel was thrown into the back of the carriage and locked inside. Out of sheer desperation, Fenrir returned to normal, ran outside, and hit the carriage point blank with a tidal wave, knocking the carriage over and down into a ditch.

This provided our heroes the opportunity to show just how far they’ve come as a team. Keladry continued to steadily cut down the torching foes, Shira sent one of them running off into the distance with dissonant whispers, Jane ran down to the carriage and began cutting the binds off of the angel. Khemed, using the radiance of dawn, disintegrated every single one of Priest’s men instantly, followed by Fenrir using tidal wave to wash away the torching men’s ashes.

Priest, realizing that the battle was decided, fled the scene. Fenrir attempted to follow him but was called off by the rest of the party, who pointed out that they, Fenrir included, were exhausted by the battle and could not fight off the entire town. With the rescued angel in tow, the party fled into the woods.

Once they were settled in a safe clearing, the angel spoke with the party. The angel identifies herself as Anaphiel, who is the caretaker of their world. Anaphiel explains that Priest wanted her for something evil, and that she was going to be brought to Priest’s master, the Man in Rags. Disturbed by this news, the party then talks with Shira, who explains her absence.

It turns out that Shira had been in the ethereal plane, having accidentally put on a necklace that randomly causes her to switch between the material and ethereal planes. Shira had been following the party around the entire time, but was unable to hear or speak to them. The necklace was clearly cursed so the wearer could not remove it, but the angel was kind enough to help Shira remove the necklace.

Later that night, Jane has a dream:

You are standing on the deck of the Raven’s Wing. The skies are clear and the ship sails calmly with a pleasant tailwind. You look forward, and you see a great rainforest. Ulvenwald, but not, on inspection, the port you so recently left. In place of the ominous black cliffs, there is a river delta, and a pier waving the flag of Grand Victoria.
The ship is now sailing up a river. The trees hum with life as you pass beneath their branches. The river comes to a fork, and the ship deliberately turns and takes the right fork.
You walk along a forest path. You come to a point where the trail is flanked by two large trees, each bearing a large voodoo mask. For a moment, you feel their empty eyes staring straight through you, judging you. But then the feeling is gone. You step past the masks, and the tension leaves your shoulders as you are filled with a sense of peace and safety.

After explaining the dream to the party, they all agree to head back to Ulvenwald to the port matching the description of Jane’s dream.


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