Setting Overview

Map-making credit goes to Maddie. The interactive map can be found in the sidebar on the left.

The World

This is the world of Tayane. It is a fairly typical high-fantasy world. Technology is pre-gunpowder, though not by that much considering they have world-traveling caravels. Magic is prevalent, but not that common outside major cities. Powerful artifacts and magic items are usually found in ruins of ancient civilizations, since almost no one knows how to make them anymore.

Most people in this world don’t have class levels. Something like 10% of the population has a level between 1 and 5. Only a few hundred people are level 6 or higher, and only a rare handful ever hit double digits, level-wise. Given that this campaign has the potential to go all the way to level 20, your characters are going to be very exceptional people.

All the common races, and many of the uncommon ones, can be found spread out throughout the world, rather than contained in any “Dwarven Empire” or “Elven Nation” or the like. There are niches where one race might dwell almost exclusively, for instance, a mountain city of dwarves or forest city of elves, but these niches are the exception rather than the rule. The majority of any race is spread throughout the various kingdoms of the world. This world does not have an Underdark, so there are no drow, deep gnomes, mind flayers, or any other Underdark specific race.

The Kingdoms

Of particular note, there are three major continents / kingdoms in this world, as well as the island the campaign will start on. There are a few other island kingdoms, but they tend to keep to themselves, and so at least for now your characters know very little about them.

Grand Victoria

To the north, there is the most populous continent in the world, which is mainly temperate in climate, with a mountain range or two. This is the seat of the world’s largest kingdom, a naval empire called Grand Victoria. Think of the British Empire at its height, except ruled by long-lived elven royalty. They have colonies and economically subservient city-states in most parts of the globe, including the island nations of Shireroth and Raikoth. Grand Victoria became the largest nation in the world, not through force, but through economics and patience. The elven royalty can make plans and alliances that last centuries, while the mainly human inhabitants make great explorers and traders with their insatiable desire for profit.

Old R’Kassi

To the southeast, there is the desert continent, with an Arab/Egyptian motif. Think pyramids, head scarves, scimitars, and “Arabian Nights” playing in the background. Though numerous nomadic tribes roam the wastes, civilization thrives near fertile riverbanks and natural harbors. Most civilization in these parts is part of the kingdom of Old R’Kassi, which is ruled by a pharaoh, though independent city-states exist on its borders. In Old R’Kassi, magic is considered something only authority figures (pharaohs, clerics, and any appointed by them) are allowed to have any access to. The study or use of magical abilities or items by anyone else is considered a capital crime.


To the west lies the dark continent of Ulvenwald. This continent is mostly jungles, swamps, and other inhospitable climes teeming with monsters. Civilization is scarce here. Apart from a few outposts of Grand Victoria on the coast and some native villagers, the land is ruled solely by monsters. Dinosaurs and other fell beasts lurk in the tall grass, just waiting for an unwary adventurer to leave their protected port home.

Port Alexandria

Smack dab in the middle of these continents is the island city-state metropolis of Port Alexandria. Its island is the largest of a chain of volcanic islands, though its own volcano is long extinct. The port lies at a very profitable trade nexus between the various kingdoms, and the city is constantly bustling with trade. It contains a smattering of races and cultures from pretty much everywhere on the world. Not much you can’t find here, and there are not many places in the world that you can’t find a relatively direct path to. The campaign will start with all adventurers on a ship bound for this island from Grand Victoria.

Setting Overview

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