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The rules for inspiration are on page 118 (pdf) or 125 (book) of The Player’s Handbook. Because the circumstances under which you can gain and use inspiration are left to the discretion of the DM, I will clarify how I will be using it.

Gaining Inspiration

As the DM, I can give you inspiration for a variety of reasons, for performing behaviors that I want to encourage. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Thinking up creative, outside-the-box solutions to problems
  • Performing risky stunts that are Just Crazy Enough To Work™
  • Excellent role-playing consistent with your character’s Ideals, Bonds, or Flaws
  • Anything else that makes the game more exciting, amusing, or memorable

In addition, if one of you, the players, see one of the other characters do something that you think is worthy of gaining inspiration, call it to my attention! I’m new to the awarding of inspiration, and may miss opportunities to award it that you might catch.

Using Inspiration

You may have only one inspiration point at a time. If you have inspiration, you can spend it to gain advantage on any one d20 roll. You may choose to spend this point after you roll your first d20, but before the DM has given you the result. For example, if you roll a natural one on an attack roll, you can spend your inspiration to roll another d20, potentially turning a critical failure into a hit, or a death saving throw failure into a success. This represents your character digging deep inside themselves and gaining a burst of courage/confidence/willpower that allows them to prevail. Inspiration can therefore be used as a cushion against failure, which should hopefully encourage performing risky acts of heroism that you might otherwise avoid.

You may also, at any time, give your inspiration to another character. This does not take any sort of action, and the other player can use it either immediately or at any time within the next minute, after which the inspiration is lost. This represents your character shouting something inspiring, providing your ally with a burst of courage/confidence/willpower that allows them to prevail.

Variant: Ability Scores

We will be using the point buy system for assigning ability scores on character creation.

Variant: Feats and Multiclassing

We will be using feats, and you can multiclass if you want to. This was probably assumed, but is now explicitly stated.

Variant: Feats and Humans

We will be using the variant human racial traits, which allows humans to get a feat.

The Player's Handbook

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